What We Do

Clap On Clap Off  is a forward-thinking creative agency turning ARTISTS and IDEAS into BRANDS and LIFESTYLES in this reality and the metaverse.

Our Mission

Clap On Clap Off aims to be the first creative agency for the music industry powered by Web3.

Our mission is to connect diverse musical talent with the visual creative community, and make really good design more accessible to musicians everywhere.

Every art project we work on is minted and listed for sale to the music artist’s fanbase, with the visual artist in control of their own balance of up-front service fee vs backend revenue share on NFTs.

If you are a creative and interested please go HERE to join our community.

Who We Are

We are a team of experts in the fields of design, technology and art. Clap On Clap Off was founded by ELENA FLORES

Elena Flores got her start in the Music and Creative industry as Creative Director for Diplo's label, Mad Decent. She's since played a leading role in shaping culture, working for globally recognized brands and personalities like Nike, TikTok, Adobe, Red Bull, Kanye West, Billie Eilish, and Travis Scott. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Pitchfork, Wired, Billboard and more.

Known as a Swiss Army Knife in the design world, Flores' work spans genre and decade, gaining viral attention for its zeitgeist-oriented, memetic quality. In 2020, she and Safari Riot co-founded Clap on Clap off, to package her wealth of experience into scalable artist rollout services ready for creators at any stage of their careers.